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2: Creating a lecture

2.1: Editing the Lecture

Start by entering a name for your lecture. Then, click the "Add Lecture" button. Your lecture box will appear below.


Welcome to AvoLingo's Teacher Management Platform documentation! Here, you'll learn how to effortlessly integrate lectures, exercises, and books into AI avatars. With AvoLingo, students can practice anytime, anywhere, ensuring a dynamic learning experience.

1: Accessing the Teacher Portal

To access the AvoLingo Teacher Portal, simply visit Once there, enter the email address and password provided to you. If you haven't received login credentials, please reach out to your school's administrator to create an account for you.

Step 1: Click on the lecture box you wish to edit.

Note: You can also create exercises by clicking the corresponding button in the same way!

Step 2: A text field will pop up, allowing you to enter your lecture material. You can provide instructions to the avatar, such as "teach the past tense topic," or write the entire lecture content. Alternatively, you can request exercises on a specific topic "make exercises about past tense topic". The choice is yours.

Additionally, above the text field, you can simply enter the topic's name, such as "past tense," and click the button. The AI will automatically generate lecture material for you!

Step 3: Click the "save" button to keep your changes 

3: Editing the Lecture

Step 1: Choose the students you want to assign the lecture to and click the "Assign lecture to avatar" button

Step 2: In the popup, click on the lecture you want to assign. Lectures highlighted in green are already assigned and can be unassigned by clicking again.

Step 3: Click the "Save" button to confirm your assignments. You're all set!

4: Previewing the Student View

See below pictures for what your students will receive and how it will appear to them!

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