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AvoLingo helps education institutions to revolutionize their teaching approach, empowering educators with AI-powered tools that drive student engagement, retention, and success.

Transforming teachers into AI-powered superheroes 

Our AI avatars help students to speak a foreign language as if student is communicating with a real person and contribute to the development of students language skills.

Meet Our AI Avatars

We connect teachers and students through AI Tutors

Step 1. Teacher creates engaging lecture content with ease

Step 2. Students practice and master the material

We believe every student deserves personalized and affordable education

At AvoLingo, we're on a mission to make personalized language learning accessible and affordable for every student. Our AI-powered platform adapts to each learner's unique needs, ensuring an engaging and effective education. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, we're breaking down barriers and empowering students worldwide to achieve their language goals.

Empower your teachers and students with AvoLingo's AI-driven platform. Personalize learning, boost engagement, and improve outcomes to become a pioneer of  AI-powered education.

Start using AvoLingo for free today to revolutionize your institution!

Integrate AI into your school to shape future of Education

Customize your application

You can customize your application as you wish. You have the opportunity to add your company colors and design through our design team. Also, you can add or remove models as you wish to further personalize your application. This gives you the freedom to tailor your application to your own brand identity and user needs.

Understanding AvoLingo's Reformulation Error Correction in Language Learning

Understanding AvoLingo's Reformulation Error Correction in Language Learning

In the realm of language learning, one of the most effective techniques employed is Reformulation Error Correction. This method stands out for its subtlety and efficacy in guiding learners towards mastering a new language without causing frustration or discouragement.

Exploring the Technology Behind AvoLingo's AI Tutors: Human-Like Memory for Adaptive Learning

Exploring the Technology Behind AvoLingo's AI Tutors: Human-Like Memory for Adaptive Learning

In the world of language learning, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly transformed how students acquire new languages. AvoLingo, an innovative language learning platform, stands at the forefront of this revolution with its AI Tutors, which boast a unique feature: human-like memory for adaptive learning.


Our integration partners are of great importance to us, and thanks to these collaborations, we always offer you the latest technologies. These integrations enable us to continuously improve our services and products and offer innovative solutions.

Integration Partners

If you want to learn more about our AI-powered language learning solution for your educational institutions or see how our application works, please contact us. We would be pleased to offer you a demo as soon as possible.

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